Archaeology of New-Caledonia

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The Journal of the TERRITORIAL MUSEUM OF NEW-CALEDONIA. August 1992. Archaeology of New-Caledonia

A publication of the Territorial Museum of New-Caledonia in collaboration with the Agence de Developpement de Ia Cultutre Kanak under direction of Emmanuel Kasarherou. - Text and photographs: Christophe Sand - Illustration: Sally Lewis.

4 pages.

Archaeology of New-Caledonia. The story before History

  • Human settlement of the Pacific
  • Chronology of prehistory in New Caledonia
  • The search for caledonian prehistory
  • The discovery of Lapita pottery
  • The impact of man on the ecosystem around him
  • Monumental structures
  • The petroglyphs
  • The tumuli
  • Cave paintings